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How Attending WordCamps Can Help Your Business

  1. Plan out your WordCamps now 00:53
    • January is a great time to start planning which WordCamps you would like to attend. Some are more popular than others, so you will want to plan ahead of time.
  2. Networking 02:29
    • David and Tim met at WordCamp Orange County in 2016 and have since worked on many projects together.
    • WordCamps are a fantastic place to network with others in the industry because the events attract a diverse mix of beginners and professional developers.
    • You can meet potential business partners or even potential employers.
  3. Learning new tips & tricks 04:56
    • WordCamps are the perfect place to brush up on your WordPress skills.
    • Each event has its own set of speakers that you can learn from and many new people to meet.
    • David and Tim will be speaking at WordCamp Phoenix this year.
  4. In summary 07:48
    • Attending these events can help your business because it will connect you with others who you can collaborate with. It’s also a great way to educate yourself on what’s new with WordPress.

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