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WordPress, Business, & Marketing tips for the WordPress Web Design Professional

David Blackmon

Co-Host of WP The Podcast

Hi there, I’m David. I want to share my passion and knowledge of creating WordPress websites with you.

My journey has been a long and exciting one. My career path has had many twists and turns, but all along the way there were signals and signs encouraging me to explore the digital communications and web development fields. Once I finally did, and put 100% of my effort into creating an entrepreneurial venture, I realized that I’d found my calling (even though my calling had been calling me all along).

As well as creating bespoke website solutions for a number of happy clients, my companies Aspen Grove Studios & Divi Space develop unique and functional products including child themes and plugins to better server the greater WordPress, Divi and Extra communities.

In the future, Tim and I are planning on creating even more WordPress related content as well as a collection of online courses to better serve the members of the growing WordPress community. I’m always learning and always growing, and hope to encourage your forward movement by supplying you with regular WordPress content.

Tim Strifler

Co-Host of WP The Podcast

Hey Tim Strifler here!

I’ve been creating websites with WordPress for about 7 years now. It started out being something I was just dabbling in, and never anticipated that it would become a focal point of my career. My Dad is a Graphic Designer, and I grew up watching him create packaging, signage, and everything else that goes a long with print design, before he transitioned to web. I never thought I would be interested in what he does, and I think if it wasn’t for the internet taking over, I probably wouldn’t be. What I love about creating websites with WordPress is it’s not purely design. And it’s also not purely development either. You get to marry the two and do both. Or just focus on one and outsource the other. I love that WordPress empowers users to do things that used to require a team of people with all different skill sets to do.

It’s that empowerment that eventually led me to open up Tim Strifler Online Solutions to create WordPress websites for small to midsize business owners. It’s the experience I’ve learned along the way that I hope to share on WP the Podcast, as well as in the future online courses that David and I will be creating. Additionally, I have a product business called Divi Life, which sells plugins and child themes for the Divi theme framework. Divi Life allows me to create something that get’s used by thousands of people which is a pretty great feeling.

We hope you enjoy WP the Podcast, and all the future content we’ll be producing!

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